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Based on the concept of Tsugaru "Bidoro", an album that plays a moment of the scenery of Japan, animals and people waiting for a distant spring, and one page of a long winter in Aomori. "Daily life music" which cut out the scenery of


・ Album title: Biidoro

・ Artist name: Haruyoshi Kimura

・ Item No .: ITLB-1136

・ Label name: Intenselab

・ Release date: March 24, 2021

-Type: CD

・ JAN: 4582500632609


【recorded music】

1. Asunaro
2. Vidro
3. 100 yen bus
4. What you get apples
5. I should have shoveled snow yesterday
6. Megudabatte
7. Snow training
8. The type to shovel the snow in the neighborhood first
9. Let's remove snow!
10. Good at shoveling snow
11. Scallop guardrail
12. Bokeboushi
13. I'll do my best today
14. I'm not convinced that it can be combined with Aomori Ben
15. Donzuke
16. Wow Wow
17. Pochi on the porch
18. It's about time to go
19. News from spring
20. Eternal
21. Come home once in a while


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