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The original soundtrack of the romantic comedy "Ice Tokeru to Yabai" by the theater company "Bad Play".
Taro Okada, Akira Yamazaki Featuring Misato Shimizu, Mika Ushio, Yuki Nakanishi, Nanase Iwai, Junpei Ueda, Mako Tsuruta


・Album Title: Wakui Shibai vol.24 “Ice Melt and Yabai” Original Soundtrack

・ Artist name: Taro Okada

・Product number: ITLB-1118

・Label name: Intenselab

・ Release date: August 16, 2019

・Type: CD




2. Moero! Burning Heart

3. Tokyo and Reality

4. Forever Fufufu~

5. long time no see

6. It's summer, so it's fate

7. Japan's problem

8. Nice ice cream

9. The other side of winter

10. Catch a Crocodile

11. Please come to the future

12. My That

13. Sukisa DBZ

14. Half


16. Harahe Request

17. A cup of double cheese soba

18. Shot through My Heart

19. Happo Beauties

20. I want to say cryopreservation

21. Video Letter Blues

22. Our Decision


24. Truth

25. Unfortunate Dream

26. Japanese Cowboy

27. Zukadoka Yuutemasu

28. I am the heroine

29. It's dangerous when it melts in ice

30. Forever Fufufu~ (Galless Karaoke ver.)

It's dangerous when it melts in ice cream

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