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Composer: Taro Okada's stage music soundtrack. This work was performed by the drama unit "Kigami no Soraron", "The Day After Tomorrow of Konya" (September 2019 @ Owlspot), "Brain miso messy, fluffy, brown juice drips. (September 2020 @ Theater Tram) Includes two songs. (C) RS


・Album Title: “Kigami Kuron #11.13” Original Sound Track

・ Artist name: Taro Okada

・Product number: ITLB-1134

・Label name: Intenselab

・ Release date: February 24, 2021

・Type: CD



1. Morning steps

2. Shizuku

3. Overflow

4. dance

5. dark blue


7.The night for tomorrow

8. Vertigo

9. Silence

10. Prayer

11. Monologue

12.Beat the "Wall"

13. next door

14. Rolling Chopsticks

15. Tour

16. Approach

17. Calamity

18. Two people

19.Beat the "Fest"

”empty theory on key# 11/13” Original Sound Track

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