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A soundtrack to the stage by the theater company "Bad Play" that was performed in two cities in Tokyo and Osaka in May and June 2019. This work, which celebrated the 15th anniversary of the founding of the theater company and became a new double performance, depicts two different worlds at the same time, "Wild Love" and "After the Riot, Lonely Pop New World". (C) RS


・Album title: Wakui Shibai vol.22 “Yose no Koi”/vol.23 “After the Riot, Lonely Pop New World” Original Soundtrack

・ Artist name: Taro Okada

・Product number: ITLB-1124

・Label name: Intenselab

・ Release date: April 29, 2020

・Type: CD





1. The beginning of love

2. Love Song

3. Premonition

4. Appear

5. Fuwaku

6. Ruckus

7. Kudamaku Futari

8. depression

9. Sudden Accident

10. Kimi to Boku no Uta

11. Kimi to Boku no Uta Ending

12. Ambiguous

13. Time Zapping

14. Vomit heavily

15. Chime

16. Memoir

17. Fantasy Park

18. With Pain

19. lamentation

20. Daily life

21. Determination

22. Confession

23. Wild love

24. The world will end

25. The End of Love



1. whistle

2. Fanfare

3. Young Kemko

4. Aunt Gossip

5. Forgotten Regret

6. R.W.S.W.

7. Gaki's messenger

8. Ice cream that hasn't melted yet

9. Deer King

10. Zuttomo

11. daibutsu-den

12. Iyanayokan

13. Mabutanoura

14. Paradise

15. Baptism

16. Farewell season

17. Go for it, Enko


19. Let's Go Riot

20. Advent

21. Our Song

22. In the Darkness

23. Annunciation Music

24. My dream is to be a film director

25. Are you excited?

26. After the Riot

27. Lonely Pop New World

28. Mabutanoura (Instrumental)

29. Our song (Instrumental)

A play with bad love and riots

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