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Based on the concept of "Tsugaru Vidro", this album plays a page of Aomori's long winter, animals and people waiting for a distant spring, the four seasons of Japan, and a moment of scenery with Biidoro. The second "daily life music" that cuts out everyday scenery.


・ Album title: Dark green ・ Artist name: Haruyoshi Kimura ・ Product number: ITLB-1140
・ Label name: Intenselab
・ Release date: June 30, 2021 ・ Type: CD
・ JAN: 4582500632906


【recorded music】
1. Around the nap
2. Crossing the Milky Way
3. Guidelines
4. Petal Friends
5. Lost Kunekune
6. The future is bright
7. Indoor
8. Yurayura Yumebanchi
9. Sakura building blocks
10. Denguri Gororin
11. Gently add your hand
12. Cherry-blossom viewing time
13. Sunset
14. Night road
15. Edo warehouse
16. Get out of the way
17. Beyond the night sky
18. 3 years in the soil
19. Dark green road
20. The wind blows

Dark green

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