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The latest album in the "Bura Bura Bura" series, an album for town bra programs!
The long-awaited 3rd release from the album "Bura-Bura-Bura" full of humanity. A collection of songs that gently snuggle up to the encounters and rediscoveries that you visit in the city bra. Please use this one piece from the opening to the ending!


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・Album Title: Zetsuyoku, Burabura Bura

・Artist name: Various Artists

・Product number: ILCA-1008

・Label name: Intenselab

・ Release date: July 27, 2022

・Type: CD



【recorded music】

1.  let's go

2.   happy to meet you

3. our journey

4.  Cycling Road

5.  tablecloth for cloudy days

6. The two funny people

7. Theme of a walk

8. Ran La Ran La Ran

9. A map that makes you want to travel

10.Soup stock with richness and umami

11.Tago 's Song

12. Flower Hunting

13. Catainaka! Zzone

14. Let's go mild

15. Back Alley

16.Stepping _

17. One Meow Konkororin

18. Things that sprout when they pass through

19. Atelier Kamado

20.  Green leaves

21. Five-colored bird

22. White clouds over that hill

23. Open the door

24. The person you can meet in a daydream

25. Goodbye to today's day

Continuously, hanging out

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