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Hinemos is a circus-like band that plays music with a wide variety of instruments and toys.

This work, which is a collection of their early works, is a piece full of unique toy pop with a somewhat exotic atmosphere and nostalgia.


・Album title: Early Years

・Artist name: Hinemos

・Product number: ILCA-1004

・Label name: Intenselab

・ Release date: August 24, 2022

・Type: CD



【recorded music】

1. World travel 3 minutes

2. Collet

3. in bloom

4. Picnic Rucksack

5. Compass

6. Koropokkuru and Sunset Tree

7. Everyone's Dreaming

8. Summer photo paper

9. Ceremonial occasions

10. Heart

11. Elephant crossing the sea

12. Vagabond Father

13. The long night

14. Wheat Autumn

15. Mad the Hatter

16. Adieu

17. Marsha of the Sea

Early Years

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