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Includes carefully selected songs from the songs produced in 2013-2018 by Kazuki Sugawara, a composer and arranger who is active in various media such as TV and advertisements. With "urther in the future" and "Start Line" where strings and chorus play a magnificent story, "Until next breathing" which puts out the essence of post-rock and shoegaze on the whole surface, and a glittering synthesizer intertwined with beautiful violin are newly released. With outstanding sound creation and story development, such as "Open the future", which is reminiscent of a new future, and "Almost Here," which draws a beautiful scene of fluctuations with an ambient sound image, weaving a vivid future in transparent beauty. .. (C) RS


・Album title: Further in the Future

・Artist name: Kazuki Sugawara

・Product number: ITLB-1111

・Label name: Intenselab

・ Release date: December 05, 2018

・Type: CD

・JAN: 4562292469324


1.Elegant Season

2.Future Mirror

3. Season of Joy

4. air rec

5. Melt Your Noise

6. Open the future

7.Room Garden

8.Para Circles

9. inherited strings

10. Almost Here

11. Rebirth

12.Until next breathing

13.water surface

14.Start Line

15.Further in the future

Further in the Future

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