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A collection of glittering girlish songs that will make adults and children happy. With a cute future bass and a transparent singing voice, we have expressed a wide range of cuteness from energetic cuteness to adult-like cuteness and fashionable and stylish cuteness. Happy song for all women!


・ Album title: girl's little voice
・ Artist name: Various Artist 
・ Item No .: ITLB-1151
・ Label name: Intenselab
・ Release date: November 24, 2021 ・ Type: CD
・ JAN: 4582500633453


【recorded music】

1. Girls Bravo

2. Sweet Rock

3. Pastel Graffiti

4. Fancy U

5. Glimmer

6. Small Silhouette

7. Suger Glider Detective

8. Kaieteur Falls

9. Catch Me

10. Kuuzu

11. Saku

12. Angostura Bitters

13. Demerara Sugar

14. Flower Dream

girl's little voice

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