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Ai Kamano, another name for artist Ai Kamano. He has lived in Yatsugatake since 2020. Unlike the name of Ai Kamano, who pursues the expression of beautiful poison, Ai Kamano's work is a name that pursues the expression of a clear world that is closer to nature. This work, which was born under such a name, can be said to be a collection of works that she saw and felt in her new life at Yatsugatake, which is rich in nature. A hollowy sail that depicts the beauty of nature at the moment when the rain stops and the clear sky is peeked out with multiple voices and a delicate piano, and the joy of life that moves with the glitter of the water surface overlooking the distant sea is sung richly with strings. " Through works such as "The Cradle of the Sea" and "In front of the fireplace", which spells out the emotions and scenes of a mixture of tenderness and loneliness with the private sound of an upright piano, which makes you feel nostalgic and politely trace the memories of a distant day. It consists of lyrical songs mainly composed of voice and piano. This work "Land" is a collection of stories that Ai Kamano carefully scooped up the colors of the daily gaps and spelled them beautifully.


・ Album title: Land
・ Artist name: Ai Kamano ・ Product number: ITLB-1141
・ Label name: Intenselab
・ Release date: August 25, 2021 ・ Type: CD
・ JAN: 4582561395307


【recorded music】
1. Holy Sail
2. Sea cradle
3. Sprouting
4. Shaking sunbeams
5. Deep sea memory
6. after the rain
7. Straw Hat Rhapsody
8. Vegetable song
9. In front of the fireplace


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