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After the last battle, Mr Comming Soon was newly assigned to Western City in the wilderness.
It was a horrifying town dominated by the rough Gullickson family. The fast-shooting gunman God Gullickson I met there, the mysterious sexy beauty Western Soon Mr Comming Soon can bring peace back to the city! ?? Contains plenty of instrumental songs with outstanding impact. "Mr Comming Soon!" Shows Next World!


・ Album title: Mr Comming Soon! 3 ~ Western Soul of the Wilderness The fast-shooting confrontation is Dawn in 10 steps ~
・ Artist name: Various Artist
・ Item No .: ITLB-1147
・ Label name: Intenselab
・ Release date: November 15, 2021 ・ Type: CD
・ JAN: 4582500633279


【recorded music】

1. Mr Comming Soon overture Western Soul Heha! !! !!

2. Welcome! Western frontier

3. Young Gammans

4. Let's dance to think of our hometown

5. Texas Clover Hold

6. Oklahoma mixed juice

7. Western villain appearance Q shot

8. Outlaw Galixon family

9.Boy Haha should drink milk.

10. HEY! Show up!

11. Galigali Galixon

12. duel! .. .. .. Dawn on the 10th step.

13. God Gullickson

14. Q shot that begins with the voice of the west

15. Gather western saloon

16. Geroppa Low Hyde

17. Sexy Western Soon ♡

18. Cheerful friends at Barbo Bar

19. I'll turn around in the west Q shot

20. Comical Western Panic

21. Horse Baba appeared

22. Gatling Gatling Gun

23. Gunman battle! !! !!

24. Frontier Spirit Tooth!

25. This is the solution Q shot in the west

26. Peace is back in the town

27. Cumming Soon WESTAN STRIKE

28. victory! Cumming Heha

29. Western Road at dusk

30. To Be Continued Shoot towards tomorrow

Mrカミングスーン!3 ~荒野のウエスタン魂 早撃ち対決は10歩でドーン~

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