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A piece created by Kansai artists at will, centered on Stoned Soul Picnic, which has made the club excited by the club sound with live performances such as horns and guitars! Full of stylish and funky club tracks. (C) RS


・Album title: SPICE UP!!

・Artist name: Various Artist

・Product number: ITLB-1122

・Label name: Intenselab

・ Release date: April 08, 2020

・Type: CD



1.All Night Breakin'

2.Delicious Banana

3. Eazy Suzy

4. Brilliant work

5.Groovy Night

6. Tap Tap Swing

7. Spice In Cha-Cha

8. Sad Girl, Funny Scat

9. Ethno Type

10.Career Woman


12.Oriental Street

13. Sea Side View

14.The Girl Friend

15.Star Town

16. Salsa de Check it out!!

17. Basement Magic

18.Space Ship

19. Forest Traveler

20.Relaxing Strut

21. Get Mild

22. Happy Junglist

23. Shocking Beat

24. Acid Pan

25. Samba De Cocking


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