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"Icelandic Invasion" Young NO1 hottest band representing Iceland [Supersport! ] The sound played by a group of four influenced by various music, including UK pop rock in the 1960s, is catchy and retro throughout. New to young listeners and nostalgic for listeners who know the time. The definitive edition of the finest POP song that resonates with all generations.


・ Album title: tveir dagar
・ Artist name: Supersport!
・ Item No .: ITLB-1143
・ Label name: Intenselab
・ Release date: August 25, 2021 ・ Type: CD
・ JAN: 4582500633033


【recorded music】

1. Hring eftir hring
2. Uppi sofa
3. Reykjavik Culture Night 2004
4. Barn dagsins
5. Song for my friend, June
6. Lag i partyi (reykjavik)
7. Something New!
8. GUD
9. Bregdur litil byfluga a leik
10. Eitt litid vorljod
11. Hvernig a eg ad segja ther satt?
12. Eg smanadi mig
13. Thad er madur inni herberginu minu
14. En sama hvad…
15. Svo do hun, ad nottu, i draumi

tveir dagar

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