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From home-cooked dishes to world-famous dishes, we have prepared a POP menu where you can hear the fun voice of the family. It smells delicious at any moment. Hmmm Yami!


・ Album title: yummy!
・ Artist name: Various Artist
・ Item No .: ITLB-1138
・ Label name: Intenselab
・ Release date: July 23, 2021 ・ Type: CD
・ JAN: 4582500632753


【recorded music】
1. Fluffy omelet rice

2.Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!
3. What a cutlet sandwich
4.Mom's Busy Time! !!
5. New Delhi Key McCulley
6. A secret soup from ancient times
7. Samurai Chitose Candy
8.Trick or Treat!
9. Straw-grilled bonito
10. Texas Burger Combo
11. Omusubi weather
12.uuum! paella!
13. Sicilian scent-cold sardine pasta-
14. What should I do for dinner?
15. Relaxing chatting tea time
16. Kamaboko cheese as a side dish for sake
17. Bouillabaisse with plenty of fish and shellfish
18. Easy 3 minutes! Pea sprout egg binding
19. Sandwich picnic


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